The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

Welcome to this open course created by the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance (CARE)!

This course will discuss the biology of antibiotic resistance as well as the social and political implications of the problem of antibiotic resistance. This course is targeted towards students who have completed high school but have no further education in the topic. However, even experts in one sub-topic (for example, biology) will find parts of the course new and interesting. 

Start date: October 1, 2021.  
Language: English.  
Study format: The course is self-paced and can be started at any point.  
Study duration: The course includes approximately 12 hours of lecture and 10 quizzes.  It is expected that the course will take 40-80 hours depending on the level of previous knowledge.  

The course is available until: July 31, 2022 


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